Saturday, 11 May 2013

Hendersons October 2012

(This is a post transferred from another blog so not in correct date order)
Hendersons is a famous vegetarian restaurant in Edinburgh. I'd heard about it so when Geoff and I were on a day visit to the city before I moved up we decided to go there.

It is quite trendy in a bohemian, arty way. The food is self service from the counter style.
I had stuffed aubergine which was very nice. I'm not very good at working out what all the ingredients or component parts are of vegetarian dishes but it was delicious and quite filling.

We have also been to the Hendersons at St Johns on Lothian Road. We went there for lunch and had haggis and clapshot. Clapshot is potato and turnip. The haggis was very spicy and obviously vegetarian.

I have also been once on my own to the main restaurant - its the sort of place that you can go on your own and read your book or the paper without feeling odd.

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