Friday, 22 July 2011

Music, retro & technology

We've had a really fun and funny evening with music in our house. Teenager2 who is 17 had decided that he wanted a record player so we bought one and some speakers. We didn't know what we were doing really and didn't have an amplifier. So we borrowed one from Geoff and I had to go to Richer Sounds to get some cables. We tried setting it up - not exactly plug & play but we got it to work through trial and error. I then found my old LPs and we've listened to Supertramp & the Eagles. Teenager2 has found it fascinating. He likes the idea of records as they are a physical entity. He has used the iPad to look up details of the records from the 70s & 80s.
Meanwhile T1 has been playing the piano using the iPad for music instead of sheet music. So it's been a mix between retro music and modern technology.

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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Sparrowhawk? Injured?

This afternoon I was in the garden and heard a flapping noise in the corner near the shed.  The cat was looking but keeping her distance.  I had a look and there was a bird - quite big but young - it was flapping half heartedly along the ground.  Geoff came and looked and said it might be a kestrel or similar.  Ben (teenager2) came and looked, took a photo and then peered at it until it flapped round the back of the shed.  It looked like it's wing and one of it's legs was broken.  We were going to 'rescue' it and take it to the vets when lo and behold it flapped off through a whole in the fence and flew off.  We think it was a baby sparrow hawk.