Monday, 30 April 2012

My Photo of the Day - 5 years on

Five years ago yesterday I started a year of a photo of the day. I decided to do it because it was my 44th birthday and hoped that, if all went very well and I was very lucky, I would be half way through my life. So it was a celebration of having made it so far without any major disasters and a wish for the future. I wanted to mark the year as a moment in time.
Each day during the year I took a photo of everyday things - often my two sons, other family, friends, things in the house and garden, people and things at work and me.
I didn't have my iPhone to begin with as I got in for Christmas 2007 so I used my camera and uploaded them to the computer then printed them out.
At the time I didn't know anyone else who was doing a photo of the day - I didn't upload them to Facebook and I wasn't on Twitter. My friends and family thought it a bit odd but liked looking through the albums as the year went on.
In the intervening years I've taken loads of photos but not in a dedicated way and not just picking one a day which was part of the deal. Also I've not printed them out. These inbetween ones I've regularly put on Facebook, Twitter, Blipfoto or my blogs. The original year ones I didn't as they were of family and friends and personal stuff so I didn't want to publish them on the Internet.
So the new year of photo of the day started yesterday - now there are millions of people doing photo of the day and posting them online. Some of my friends have started to do it. Lots of things have changed in the 5 years. I'm going to print them out each day as I like seeing them in an album and it's nice for other people to look at them who come to our house. I'll have an electronic copy but I'm not publishing them online anywhere as again they'll include family and friends.
If all goes well & I do it every 5 years I should have another 9 sets of photo of the day :)

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Friday, 13 April 2012

Vinyl Revival continued

Since last year when Ben decided that we should bring back and buy a record player, we have continued to buy more records. I've been surprised at how popular vinyl has become with teenagers. He's bought some online from Amazon etc. e.g. Kate Bush! White Stripe. We've played my old favourites like Supertramp and Eagles over and over.
But I've been getting them mainly from charity shops. They are still quite cheap although in Oxfam they are more expensive. I usually go for Soul and Motown stuff.
I got these the other day in Richmond.

But I've also been trying to get older ones from the 50's and early 60's

Mainly because I like the covers - retro.
I like this one too - cool trumpeter

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Day 8 #easterhols2012

Cinema at The Station, Richmond - The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

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Day 7 #easterhols2012

Friday 6th April

Looked round shops
Bought records from charity shop
Visited the castle
Tea and blueberry cake at cafe As You Like It

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Day 6 #easterhols2012

Thursday 5th April

Went to Billingham.
Visited two libraries.
Went to charity shops.

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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Day 5 #easterhols2012

Today we went to Robin Hoods Bay which is one of my favourite places.
It is a beautiful fishing village with steep streets and cottages.
I paddled on the beach despite the cold and wet.

We then went to a cafe called Swell - delicious bacon sandwiches

Next, on to Whitby and the sun came out.
We went to the Abbey which looked beautiful although it was still very cold.

We went into the town, went to the library but it was closed, had a little walk along the harbour but getting cold so went for a cup of tea and sandwich. Then headed home back across the moors - still some snow around.

Day 4 #easterhols2012

Tuesday 3rd April
Today I took my Mum, Joe and Ben to Durham station as they were going to Edinburgh.
Ben has applied to go to Edinburgh University in September and had finally decided to go to an official Open Day.  After I had despatched them Geoff and I set off for Ravenscar (North Yorks coast).
The weather was wet, wild and windy and the Ravenhall hotel is on the top of a cliff overlooking the sea!!!
The hotel is a very nice although a bit frumpy but the lodges in the grounds are fabulous.

We had a scone and tea in the hotel and then went to the lodge.
It was lovely and cosy and warm.  Spent the time looking at the view which was misty and wet, drinking champagne, eating a picnic and enjoying the log fire.

Day 3 #easterhols2012

Monday 2nd April
It's always nice being on holiday when it's a Monday morning :)
Still feeling grotty -hopefully just tired. Went and got some shopping.
Boys wanted to cook on evening. Joe wants to do quick and simple stuff that he can do at Uni. He did stir fry - the tricky part is that he wants to know exact amounts and exact procedures and processes which is just not me. I don't mind following recipes but don't want to spend ages on it, just want to get on with it otherwise it becomes a chore. He's right, I would not make a very good chemist.
Ben, who does nothing by halves and not wanting to be left out, got out the Larousse Gastronomique book. Luckily over the years he has learnt how to get on with it on his own although he does make quite a lot of mess. He shouts for stuff if he can't find it and I have to clear up but complicated cooking is a good way of him chilling out and relaxing. He made roast sweet peppers stuffed with cod - they were ok but I did have tummy ache later which was not unrelated :)

Day 2 #easterhols2012

Sunday 1st April
A better day. Didn't get caught by any April Fools and didn't play any - boys at their Dad's until lunchtime.
The weather was nice and sunny in the afternoon so Joe and I went to Durham for a walk. We walked along the riverbank and chatted about general stuff and chemistry and work and people and places. We went to the Cathedral, awesome as ever and I lit a candle for my Dad. Then down the hill to Vennels for tea and tea bread.

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Day 1 easterhols2012

Well, not a very cheery day for the first day of the holidays. Rain and wind.
We just had a day at home as no one felt like doing anything - I'm still feeling tired out with headache and sore throat - that common 'endoftermitis'. It's #earthhour this evening so going to go to bed early and switch off the lights :)

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