Monday, 30 April 2012

My Photo of the Day - 5 years on

Five years ago yesterday I started a year of a photo of the day. I decided to do it because it was my 44th birthday and hoped that, if all went very well and I was very lucky, I would be half way through my life. So it was a celebration of having made it so far without any major disasters and a wish for the future. I wanted to mark the year as a moment in time.
Each day during the year I took a photo of everyday things - often my two sons, other family, friends, things in the house and garden, people and things at work and me.
I didn't have my iPhone to begin with as I got in for Christmas 2007 so I used my camera and uploaded them to the computer then printed them out.
At the time I didn't know anyone else who was doing a photo of the day - I didn't upload them to Facebook and I wasn't on Twitter. My friends and family thought it a bit odd but liked looking through the albums as the year went on.
In the intervening years I've taken loads of photos but not in a dedicated way and not just picking one a day which was part of the deal. Also I've not printed them out. These inbetween ones I've regularly put on Facebook, Twitter, Blipfoto or my blogs. The original year ones I didn't as they were of family and friends and personal stuff so I didn't want to publish them on the Internet.
So the new year of photo of the day started yesterday - now there are millions of people doing photo of the day and posting them online. Some of my friends have started to do it. Lots of things have changed in the 5 years. I'm going to print them out each day as I like seeing them in an album and it's nice for other people to look at them who come to our house. I'll have an electronic copy but I'm not publishing them online anywhere as again they'll include family and friends.
If all goes well & I do it every 5 years I should have another 9 sets of photo of the day :)

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