Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Day 3 #easterhols2012

Monday 2nd April
It's always nice being on holiday when it's a Monday morning :)
Still feeling grotty -hopefully just tired. Went and got some shopping.
Boys wanted to cook on evening. Joe wants to do quick and simple stuff that he can do at Uni. He did stir fry - the tricky part is that he wants to know exact amounts and exact procedures and processes which is just not me. I don't mind following recipes but don't want to spend ages on it, just want to get on with it otherwise it becomes a chore. He's right, I would not make a very good chemist.
Ben, who does nothing by halves and not wanting to be left out, got out the Larousse Gastronomique book. Luckily over the years he has learnt how to get on with it on his own although he does make quite a lot of mess. He shouts for stuff if he can't find it and I have to clear up but complicated cooking is a good way of him chilling out and relaxing. He made roast sweet peppers stuffed with cod - they were ok but I did have tummy ache later which was not unrelated :)

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