Friday, 22 July 2011

Music, retro & technology

We've had a really fun and funny evening with music in our house. Teenager2 who is 17 had decided that he wanted a record player so we bought one and some speakers. We didn't know what we were doing really and didn't have an amplifier. So we borrowed one from Geoff and I had to go to Richer Sounds to get some cables. We tried setting it up - not exactly plug & play but we got it to work through trial and error. I then found my old LPs and we've listened to Supertramp & the Eagles. Teenager2 has found it fascinating. He likes the idea of records as they are a physical entity. He has used the iPad to look up details of the records from the 70s & 80s.
Meanwhile T1 has been playing the piano using the iPad for music instead of sheet music. So it's been a mix between retro music and modern technology.

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