Thursday, 9 August 2012

Day 6 #summerhols2012

Today we went to the Pump Street Bakery for coffee/tea and pastries and to catch up on emails. The pastry I had was enormous - a bear claw and on any other day I would have felt very guilty but today I knew we had lots of walking to do.
After a quick small lunch we set off and got the National Trust ferry from the quay to Orford Ness. It is a fascinating place - a nature reserve now but used in the past for atomic weapon research and there are various buildings and debris from ballistic testing.
We walked the red route which goes to various buildings including the information building then across the bridge.

Across the shingle to the lighthouse and the sea

Then past the police tower and the black beacon

It is a wild and beautiful landscape - sort of eerie because of the vast open space and the disused buildings and random objects strewn around.

We walked a long way but it was great and we could have spent longer just being there and standing and staring.

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