Monday, 6 August 2012

Day 3 #summerhols2012

Today we decided to visit two places that were on our wish list. Firstly Sutton Hoo which is a national trust site where burial mounds were found and excavated in the 30s. I was expecting that some of the treasure that was found would be on display but it seems that the vast majority of it is at the British Museum. Apart from that it was interesting. We looked at the exhibition and then walked to the burial mounds.

There is also a house which belonged to the lady who owned the place in the 30s and who first asked archeologists to investigate. The house was nice with some interesting bits and pieces and information about Suffolk horses that were used in the war.

There was a 2nd hand book shop :)

We had lunch then set off to another national trust property near Bury St Edmunds. It is called Ickworth and is very beautiful and grand.

There was some great paintings and some gorgeous silver - old and new - beautiful sugar shakers.
Outside the main rotunda the purple and blue herbaceous border was fantastic.

Around the back of the rotunda you could see the intricate carvings.

We left when it closed at 5pm and came back to the cottage. Geoff cooked Dover sole for tea that he'd bought from the fish shop on the quay this morning. We're just in the pub now, again using the wifi and having a quick drink.
Time to walk back now through the village

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