Monday, 29 July 2013

Latitude Festival

Last year we holidayed in Suffolk and saw posters and signs for the Latitude Festival. We jokingly said that we should go the following year and then gradually over the months we decided that we should definitely do it, check it off our bucket lists.
I'd not really been camping before apart from once in France as a teenager - it doesn't appeal and I like my bed and bath. So we booked a podpad (a little hut) situated within the pink moon campsite.

It was a beautiful part of the park with old trees. The toilets and showers were surprisingly good so that was a relief :)
We arrived on the Thursday evening and the weather was good. We explored a bit but didn't go to the main site.
Friday morning was sunny and hot so we went to explore - I was surprised how big the whole festival site was, much bigger than I had expected. Lots of 'shops' and bars and cafes. The security was very good and the organisation in general.
In the arena area there were a variety of venues - the main stage and grassed viewing area, the Radio 6 tent stage, a comedy tent, a cabaret tent, literature tent, poetry tent etc. There was a waterfront stage where we watched dancing and various stages in the woods. It was picturesque in parts and awesome in others.
We saw a variety of performances and although planned a bit we also just meandered and watched whatever was happening. Some of the highlights were ALT-J, Bobby Womack, Chvrches, Marcus Brigstock, Robin Ince, Nina Conti, Germaine Greer etc etc

There was a wide variety of people there of all ages and everyone was considerate and well behaved. It helped that we were on a smaller part of the site but even in the big arenas it was all good.
We took food and a camping cooker thing but I'm not sure that I would bother if doing it again apart from stuff for breakfast (tinned peaches and digestive biscuits). We found a great pizza place. There was free tea and coffee at the podpad reception which was very much appreciated.
The only thing was that my phone broke, just wouldn't charge so I lost some of the photos that I took the first couple of days.
Also no wifi but that's probably good as forces you to disconnect and chill out.
It was a great experience....I'm not sure whether I would do it again but I'd definitely recommend it.

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