Sunday, 30 September 2012


In Cambridge yesterday with T1 (my eldest son) we were walking along into the city centre and we passed some conker trees. There were loads of conkers on the tree and on the ground. I immediately started picking some up and thinking wow, loads of conkers and no small boys with sticks!
T1 looked on, slightly bemused then said 'I'm not playing conkers with you, you know', 'why not' I said. 'Because I'm not a small boy and because there is no skill in playing conkers'.
He's right, probably, although I'm glad that I remember being really excited when young about collecting conkers. T1 then said 'I suppose there was nothing else to do in the 70s' which again was true. However he did then reminisce about how we used to collect conkers when he was little and how he had a little plastic wheelbarrow with lots of conkers in it :)
I said that we used to count them for numeracy skills. He looked at me disdainfully.....

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