Sunday, 21 August 2011


It was a beautiful sunny morning so we decided to go to the coast. I had been feeling grotty all week and really wanted to go to the seaside. Usually we go to Saltburn or Whitby but today we went north instead. We're lucky to live near to the coast (within 20 miles at nearest) and on a sunny day you can't beat the north east seaside.
We went to Tynemouth which is basically through the Tyne tunnel then east. It's ages since I've been maybe even 10 years when I used to go with friends and family to the Sea Life Centre. We went to the other end today and the town is pretty and has definitely gone upmarket with cafes, bistros and even a chocolatier! We had a quick lunch which was ok and then went to the priory. It is right on the edge of the cliff and is ruined. Each side of it looks down onto a beach. There is a grave yard and a gun battery.
We then went for a walk on the beach and I paddled as usual. We had an icecream and walked back through the town.

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